About Us

ValexTeam is a diversified, dynamically developing distribution and export company.

Our main specialization is fast and reliable cargo delivery, conclusion of transparent contracts with suppliers, preparation of technical and customs documentation, legal support of the transaction.

Our work experience, responsibility, competence and extensive business contacts have become the basis of constant friendly relations with many clients.

Company's mission

  • We are constantly improving our skills in export deliveries. Our mission is to help partners find promising markets and be the best in their business.
  • For us, the main thing in working with clients is long-term, honest, mutually beneficial and friendly relations. We always offer customers favorable conditions for cooperation.
  • Every time we look for the best solution. The result of cooperation with valexteam lives up to expectations.
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Our services

We provide services:

Sourcing of international FMCG brands and non-brand products, commodity, private label products.

Labelling of each individual SKU in any languages, any types of stickers and sizes upon request.

Loading and packing products with care and ensure the shipment will be delivered safely and on time.

Logistics services and transportation. We work with forwarding and transport companies.


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